Your voice matters. Use it. - Kathy Varol

Your voice matters. Use it.

your voice matters
Beautycounter is among a new crop of companies lobbying the government for tighter regulations in support of the public good. I’m so impressed by the impact one company can make on an entire industry but, as Lindsay Dahl—Beautycounter’s SVP of Social Mission—tells us in this week’s Purpose and Profit episode, change only comes when we all take part in demanding action.

For years Beautycounter has invested time and money into pushing the government to allow the FDA to regulate the beauty industry. Those products in your home, that you use on your body—the FDA doesn’t even have the power to issue a recall if a product is found to contain potentially harmful ingredients.

Turns out, corporate involvement in politics isn’t always shady.

Business holds a lot of power in the capitol, but so do voters—your voice matters as much as how you spend your dollars.

What can you do?

When legislation that impacts your daily life like the Personal Care Products Safety Act comes up for a vote in Congress, get in touch with your local representative. Tell them what’s important to you. Or, if legislation supporting what you care about is missing, get in touch with your local representative to ask why.

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