Kathy Varol

Drive Profit
with Purpose

Join a growing community of leaders
harnessing business as a force for good.

Drive Profit
with Purpose

Join a growing community of leaders
harnessing business as a force for good.

  • Discover how purpose drives profit, makes brands remarkable, and ignites innovation.
  • You’ll get my free e-book: 7 Common Mistakes Businesses Make on The Path to Purpose.
  • Plus an inspiring weekly email where I share one way business (and you!) can make the world a little better.

The Alchemy
of Purpose

Kathy Varol helps transform businesses to become purpose-led, and tap into one of the best growth strategies there is.

Purpose Makes Brands Remarkable

Become the most loved brand in a crowded market.

Let purpose drive profit, create enviable consumer loyalty, get top talent
knocking on your door, and drive off the charts employee engagement.

When you embed purpose into the heart of your business, you won’t just
disrupt your industry…you’ll shape the future and impact the world.

A purpose-driven company doesn’t tell a story, it becomes the story.

How To Work With Kathy

Keynote Speaker

Kathy is a frequent virtual and in-person speaker. In her keynotes, she shares how to drive profit with purpose and become remarkable, how to lead the future of your industry by mastering Environmental, Social, and Governance (ESG), and how to skyrocket innovation by harnessing the superpower of diversity.


Kathy provided a refreshingly unique, smart, and compelling perspective on modern-day brand purpose. She is very engaging and inspirational. Kathy charmed the audience.”

—Whitney Poon, HKTDC

Strategic Purpose Workshops

Call in the Purpose Strategy Expert to bring your Purpose or ESG strategy to the next level. A strategic purpose workshop is a springboard for innovation and uncovering new revenue streams. Creating breakthrough strategies that will accelerate your growth and propel your company as a force for good.


One of the best sustainability workshops I’ve ever attended. Kathy created a prime environment for creative exploration and facilitated the group through idea generation to redefine what’s possible”

—Kara Brody, adidas

& Advisor

Kathy offers tailored advising and business consulting around Purpose and ESG. No matter where you’re starting from, we’ll create a personalized approach to become a catalyst for change and achieve breakthrough results.


Kathy’s strategic approach and marketing expertise were invaluable in
shaping the brand transformation.”

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