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Moving Beyond CSR

Most CSR departments are run like this: A few passionate people, operating on the company’s fringes, are put in charge of creating impact. These disconnected passion projects don’t constitute a purpose. CSR departments tend to be afterthoughts. The programming they run is inconsistent and doesn’t ladder up to a larger …

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Improving Healthcare Systems

Arogya Parivar (“Healthy Family” in Hindi) is a program first launched in India by the Swiss pharmaceutical company Novartis, aimed at improving the healthcare system.   The problem: Rural communities lacked access to medical infrastructure: doctors, medication and health education.   The solution: Novartis partnered with local health care entities, …

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Is shared value the best business secret?

“Corporate Social Responsibility is really about reducing the harm that a company causes through its operations or its product. So, being sure there isn’t child labor. Being sure the product isn’t bad for you. Being sure you have fair wages, so on, as well as reducing your environmental footprint. But …

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Your voice matters. Use it.

Beautycounter is among a new crop of companies lobbying the government for tighter regulations in support of the public good. I’m so impressed by the impact one company can make on an entire industry but, as Lindsay Dahl—Beautycounter’s SVP of Social Mission—tells us in this week’s Purpose and Profit episode, …

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Trash to treasure

Last week Imperfect Foods announced that they had become a certified B Corp, adding to a growing list of over 4,000 other certified purpose-driven companies around the world. If you’ve never heard of them, Imperfect Foods began as an online grocer that rerouted produce that was deemed “too imperfect-looking” for …

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Revolutionizing Agriculture

Businesses that use agricultural products in their supply chain have the opportunity to support farm conversion of their suppliers to regenerative agriculture. Regenerative Organic Alliance established the Regenerative Organic Certification in 2017. This certification was created by a group of farmers, business leaders, and experts in soil health, animal welfare, …

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