Improving Healthcare Systems - Kathy Varol

Improving Healthcare Systems

Arogya Parivar (“Healthy Family” in Hindi) is a program first launched in India by the Swiss pharmaceutical company Novartis, aimed at improving the healthcare system.
The problem: Rural communities lacked access to medical infrastructure: doctors, medication and health education.
The solution: Novartis partnered with local health care entities, funding regional health camps where villagers could learn about common illnesses and meet with doctors to discuss their own ailments. Those patients who could be treated with Novartis medications found them available in pharmacies, and found them affordable because Novartis leveraged its production capabilities to manufacture local brands in-country—lowering costs.
The result: The benefits radiated out. Novartis created a new market by connecting underserved communities with medical professionals, underserved communities saw better health outcomes, local pharmacies saw increased sales, and the entire enterprise is self-sustaining.
The success of Arogya Parivar in India inspired Novartis to expand the program to underserved communities in other countries. Each program is tailored to meet the specific needs and infrastructure on the ground, but the idea of shared value remains universal.
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