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Purpose-Driven Coaching

For high-level executives ready to embark on a transformative journey. Here, powerful questions unlock life-changing insights.

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Purpose-Driven Coaching

For high-level executives ready to embark on a transformative journey. Here, powerful questions unlock life-changing insights.

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Kathy leads you down paths that you never knew existed, which, more often than not, reveals ways to improve your business and yourself.”

– Peter Baron, Chief Member Relationships Officer, The Enrollment Management Association

A Different Approach To Coaching

This isn’t your typical executive coaching program. All too often, executive coaches apply standard one size-fits-all approaches that fall far short of addressing the nuanced needs of dynamic leaders and dynamic humans.

My program is different.

It’s not just another checkbox exercise in leadership development. It’s a tailored journey that intertwines your personal essence with your professional ambitions.

This isn’t about fitting you into pre-defined frameworks or models, or changing who you are to fit the mold of a “typical” executive. It’s about sculpting a unique path that resonates with who you are and where you want to go.

At the core of my methodology is a deep, unwavering focus on YOU – the individual behind the title. Traditional coaching methods can sometimes skim over the surface, emphasizing measurable outputs and performance metrics. While these are important, they often miss the underlying forces that drive true change.

My approach digs deeper, exploring the layers of your personality, your aspirations, and even your unspoken dreams. By understanding the fabric of your character and the contours of your life story, I craft a coaching experience that is profoundly personal and immensely impactful.

I have supported CEOs, founders, partners, NGO executives, Chief Sustainability Officers, and heads of ESG.

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Just what I needed! Kathy helped me back plan and create a roadmap to turn the dream into an actionable plan. Highly recommend!”

— Brett Nord, CEO, FineTune Tech

A Focus On Professional & Personal Thriving

We aren’t siloed individuals with a separate worklife and a separate personal life (even if we’ve tried somewhat effectively to be just that!).

The truth is, one area of life will undoubtedly bleed into other areas.

The goal is to be thriving in each area of your life.

Thriving means being able to show up in your organization in the most impactful and transformative way.

  • When projects don’t go as planned (because they won’t always go as planned).
  • When you need to inspire your organization to reach for goals you’re not sure how you’ll achieve.
  • When you’re wading through ambiguity and uncertainty, paving a path that’s never been paved before.
  • When an unexpected market change topples your plans.

Thriving also means being able to show up in your personal life in the most impactful and transformative way.

  • When relationships test and stretch you, as a partner, friend, or parent.
  • When you need to set new boundaries.
  • When you need to identify and communicate what you want and need.
  • When you need to hold compassion for yourself and others.
  • When you need to manage the uncertainty of life.

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Kathy has a superpower in being instantly likable, present and engaging with anyone she meets– a skill most of us work our entire lives to develop. She’s helped me uncover underlying challenges instead of attempting to jump into solution mode for a “quick fix”. This approach has been the key to lasting change.”

– Nora Peterson, COO Sproutr

The Coaching Process

We begin with a 6-month commitment to change.

At the very start, I’ll help you clarify your leadership and personal goals.

Your unique goals form the foundation for your highly personalized purpose-driven coaching roadmap.

This executive coaching program works within the time constraints for busy leaders. My coaching process is designed for efficiency and depth, ensuring transformative experiences without overwhelming your schedule.

We move at the pace you need, to create shifts that last.

Once you commit to the program, I commit to supporting you. As things arise, I’m right there with you. Generally, we’ll have:

  • Every-other-week conversations, for approximately an hour (but no time limit)
  • Text access anytime with comments or questions, with a response within 24 hours
  • Given the nature of a busy lifestyle for both me and you (travel, commitments, etc.), any weeks that can’t be made up are not lost, but simply added
  • Once the initial 6-month commitment to change to completed, we can continue to work on a month-to-month basis to build on the change created and to dive more fully into your thriving

While the process is streamlined to make the biggest impact in a condensed period of time, it will take an investment of time and energy on your part.

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Personal development cannot be outsourced.

Common Coaching Areas Of Focus

These are some of the common themes that show up again and again in my coaching engagements. If you’re struggling to navigate through any of these areas, know you’re in good company and there’s expert help ready to support you.

  • Prioritization: Focusing on what matters and letting go of what doesn’t.
  • Navigating Change: Charting a new path where there isn’t a defined roadmap.
  • Balance: Finding a sustainable rhythm for the holistic you (work + life) where you thrive. Learning to identify what brings you alive and what sucks your soul, so you can move toward aliveness with intention.
  • Influence and Inspiration: Rally an organization towards an ambitious goal and ignite authentic employee engagement – the full strength of your team – that’s required for success.
  • Relationships: Resolve destructive relational patterns and foster deep connections, building trust and effectiveness in your teams and boards.

Kathy Varol has an innate ability to listen. Not only does she listen to what one says, she pays quiet attention to how things are said and what is not said. With gentleness, patience, and genuine curiosity, Kathy holds a space that is safe.”

– Dr. Maria Mae McNash, Founder, Om3 Body

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