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Kathy Varol is a Purpose Strategy Expert helping companies effectively use purpose to stand out in a competitive environment, attract the best talent, gain consumer loyalty, and fully harness the innovative brainpower of their employees—while making the world a better place. 

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Consulting & Advising

Kathy Varol is a Purpose Strategy Expert helping companies effectively use purpose to stand out in a competitive environment, attract the best talent, gain consumer loyalty, and fully harness the innovative brainpower of their employees—while making the world a better place. 

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Re-Purpose Your Business.

Why Purpose-Led Is Accelerating

  1. Consumers: are voting with their dollars and choosing brands with values that align with their own. 85% of millennials in the United States would switch brands for a good cause, and 50% of growth in consumer goods went to sustainability marketed products between 2013 and 2018.
  2. Investors: realize that sustainable brands are a better long-term investment, and they’re allocating funds accordingly. 
  3. Employees: are taking a stand in unprecedented ways with The Great Resignation. As we move forward, it will be very difficult—or impossible—for companies that don’t offer meaning beyond a paycheck to attract and retain a skilled workforce.
  4. Business Leaders: understand that solving the world’s toughest problems is not only a moral imperative: it’s also an unprecedented financial opportunity.
  5. Regulators: are increasing requirements. A proposal from the SEC in the USA will require climate-related disclosure, and the European Commission has already adopted a directive on corporate sustainability due diligence to foster sustainable and responsible behavior throughout the global supply chain.

Work With Kathy

Expectations have changed.
A stakeholder approach will soon be required
to keep your “operating license”.

Here’s how Kathy can help:

Lead with Purpose

Need help identifying a purpose and rallying your entire company around this new vision?

Have a purpose, but need to evolve how you bring it to life and re-invigorate your business?

No matter where you are, Kathy will use the proven 4-step Brand Purpose Model to support your purpose-led journey, and achieve breakthrough results. 

We can focus on one step—like identifying your purpose, the foundation on which your culture, values, and business strategy are built—or we can work side-by-side through each step of the Brand Purpose Model.

The Brand Purpose Model:

1. Clarify your purpose

The truth is that your brand can stand for many inspiring causes. However, where you can have the greatest impact on the world and on your business ROI is limited.

Start by identifying the one purpose that will align your brand, employees, and consumers.

2. Build internal alignment

We’ll operationalize your crystal clear vision. To do this step right involves enlisting your entire company, setting ambitious milestones, and determining your metrics. 

By enlisting your entire company, you’ll empower your workforce to be part of the solution. Heck, you’ll empower them to create the solution.

3. Rally to co-create & innovate

You’ll rally a co-creation team that will include more than just customers or suppliers. Together, you’ll venture into new frontiers and chart the course to make your crystal clear vision a reality.

​Co-creating & innovating for impact has 3 important components:

1 – HOW you’ll step closer to your vision
2 – INVITING more people to join the movement
3 – giving  VISIBILITY to the change you’re creating

4. Evolve

Purpose sets the foundation for a culture of continuous improvement that experiments and innovates new approaches and revenue streams that bring you closer to your vision.

Work with Kathy

Lead The Future Of Your Industry By Mastering ESG

ESG is about fixing what’s broken in business, fueling efficiency, equality, and integrity. And guess what? It’s a goldmine for resilience and profitability.

But most business leaders don’t know where to start or lack a clear approach to help guide them.

Kathy will work side-by-side with you, guiding you through her 4-step process to create an effective ESG strategy that moves beyond a feel-good exercise and drives real change across the metrics that matter most to your business.

Work with Kathy

Nearly every major industry is in a state of rapid transition. The institutions that survive will be the ones that fold purpose and ESG into their core business models.

What others say:

If you’re in need of a consultant to help you with your sustainability efforts, Kathy is a wonderful person to partner with. I worked with Kathy on Coors Light, one of the largest brands in the United States, where she led the creation of the “Coors Recycles” program. Kathy linked the legacy of the brand with current consumer sentiment around recycling.
The program was a massive success and significantly enhanced the brand’s image with consumers and retailers, while also leaving a lasting impact by supporting recycling initiatives across the country.”

—Dan Hennessy, Coors light

Kathy’s passion and expertise in driving brand purpose helped the team navigate obstacles and ensure a successful launch that enabled us to donate significant funding to Save the Children’s Coronavirus Response Fund.”

—Emily Chang, adidas

Kathy helped us reimagine the business by identifying outdated approaches and clearing the path to moving beyond the status quo. She led the executive team in creating an ambitious vision.”

—Chris Grancio, President Six Eight Sports Group

Kathy shaped the strategy for our women’s business. She expertly analyzed the data from global quantitative consumer research, turning this data into business insights that were foundational for the women’s business strategy and fundamentally altered the way we approach the women’s apparel business.”

—Philip Hambach, adidas

Kathy facilitated the team to challenge assumptions and ultimately rewrite the product playbook.”

—Rebecca Jury, Nike

Kathy’s strategic approach and marketing expertise were invaluable in shaping the brand transformation, from guiding the consumer research approach that identified why consumers had stopped buying the brand, to helping reimagine every aspect of the brand.”

—Rita Patel, Miller 64

Kathy built a holistic plan for the newly formed Global Purpose team. She brought in the expertise of outside consultants and over the course of nine workshops across North America, Europe, and China, was able to assess the cultural nuances that would be required to build a single global scope that combined the most relevant and urgent social and environmental issues for the company.”

—James Carnes, VP Adidas Brand Strategy

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