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Finding Myself in Schrödinger’s Dilemma

Imagine a box. Inside the box is a cat that is alive. And dead. Both. At the same time. And the cat will remain both alive and dead until you take the lid off the box. It isn’t until you actually see the cat that it becomes alive or dead. …

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I’ve got a confession to make

I’ve got a confession to make—I struggled with the idea of bringing personal development coaching back into my business. I put it off for a year, continually kicking it down the road to a “later” date. Let me take you behind the scenes of my internal struggle—the battle between my …

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The day I stopped waiting for permission

The moment I decided to be the main character in my own life story was the moment everything changed. Imagine this: There’s a vision board pinned up inside your mind, glittering with all the aspirations you’re itching to reach—starting that side hustle, clinching that corner office, finally penning your first …

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Let’s Talk About Wanting More

“Sadly, my cynical view is that human nature will always dictate that we want MORE. And this is true for those on the top.” This was a comment in response to my blog post “Amazon, Tax Loopholes, and the Call for Responsible Business“. It’s a common refrain that I’ve found …

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The dark side of eternal optimism

I’m an eternal optimist. An expert at sucking up every ounce of joy in life. To be honest, I never considered there was a dark side to eternal optimism. Even the suggestion of a dark side seemed absurd. Afterall, isn’t everyone striving for the rose-colored glasses perspective? My change of …

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Life is calling…are you ready?

Have you ever stopped and realized that you’re always on mute at work? It’s a familiar state for many. You don’t want to draw attention so you mute your personality. You don’t want to make waves so you mute your opinions. You don’t want to get too involved in office …

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Have you ever felt you’re not enough?

I remember the look on my brother’s face when I confessed that I’ve always battled with this gnawing feeling of not being enough. To him, I was already more than enough, so my revelation left him utterly dumbfounded. He asked the million-dollar question: “Why do you feel that way?” Many …

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Let’s talk about honor

I’m driving to dinner. The song “Glory of Love” by Peter Cetera is playing on the radio. I love 1980’s songs, and I’m quickly singing along in an enthusiastic off-key voice. But this time, my mind gets stuck on the chorus. It’s like I’m hearing it for the first time, …

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Are you using all your strength?

A mother and her daughter are walking on a trail. They come across a fallen branch blocking their path. The daughter asks the mother, “Do you think, if I use all of my strength, I can move the branch off the trail?” The mother thinks for a moment, then looks …

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What humans and cheetahs have in common

Would a cheetah win a race against greyhounds? A cheetah was brought to a greyhound racetrack to find out. The dogs, and the cheetah, were positioned at the starting line. When the gates opened, the greyhounds darted out. The cheetah remained laying down in her pen. The observers were shocked. …

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