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The problem with catfishing

Catfishing means falsely representing yourself on dating apps. That picture from 20 years ago or 50 pounds ago. The filter that makes you unrecognizable even to your mother. Slightly exaggerating your height….by 6 inches. The reason someone falsely represents themself in the first place is because they don’t believe their …

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It’s time to get unmuted

We’ve been taught from a young age to convey a muted version of who we are. We are careful to not be “too much”, “too different”, “too loud”. In every situation, we’re subconsciously calculating the role that’s expected. If I wear this, they’ll think I’m smart during the interview. If …

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Midlife crisis…want to join me?

Half of my life has been spent in a midlife crisis. It started when I was 22, serving as a Peace Corps volunteer in Morocco and witnessing extreme poverty for the first time. Since then I have been on a quest to make a positive impact on people’s lives. Half …

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Small Acts Change The World

There is magic in creating a self-sustaining system for community development. The starting point can be so small. Just as a redwood tree starts from a tiny seed. Or in this case, crowdsourcing the funding to repair the Mariposario Montezuma Gardens butterfly garden in Costa Rica. A butterfly garden that—once …

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Using play to reduce anxiety

The LEGO Foundation is donating 600 miniature LEGO MRI Scanner kits to hospitals worldwide. These kits use play to help children cope with the intimidating process of having an MRI scan. There are two things I love about this example of a business making the world a little bit better. …

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When is enough, enough?

When is enough, enough? When does the US stop crossing its fingers while saying “it will be different going forward?” ❌ Hope isn’t a strategy ❌ Hope isn’t a plan ❌ Hope isn’t going to stop more innocent people from being gunned down Arming teachers, and putting more guns on …

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Businesses Supporting Refugees

As war continues to rage across Ukraine, the United States government has pledged to take in 100,000 refugees fleeing violence. This on top of the 75,000 Afghans who have already sought refuge in America. Each and every one of them needs a home. They need new clothes. They need access …

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What to do at the doorway of “us” and “them”

Last night I was watching the movie Belfast. In the opening scene, there’s a conflict between Protestants and Catholics in Northern Ireland. As my heart bled, and my eyes leaked, I couldn’t stop thinking “What’s wrong with us?” This toxic story of “us” and “them” has left ugly, hate-filled scars …

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The Problem With “Crushing it”

Everything has a cost.   Every action has a reaction.   Burning the candle from both ends as you put your head to the grindstone and slog through business school.   Working all hours on the law case that you think will take you to the next step. Make your …

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Let’s be courageous

It’s so much easier to tear down, than to build up.   You can destroy a building in minutes that took years to construct. The same is true for ideas.   It’s easy to poke holes. To find weak spots. Yet, somewhere along the way we convinced ourselves otherwise. We …

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