Where are you overwatering? - Kathy Varol

Where are you overwatering?


There are things that cannot be sped up, no matter how hard you try.

The seasons will take the time they always take.

Winter won’t end faster, because you’re excited for the spring.

The day won’t be longer, and the night won’t be shorter, to accommodate your plans.

You cannot water a plant faster than it can drink. Faster than the soil can absorb it.

If you’re watering too fast, or too much, water will run off to where the ground can take it. Not to where you’re trying to put it.

Take a moment to think about your life.

Where are you overwatering?

Where are you putting more and more effort, but the effort isn’t landing where you want it?

Look for places where the effort and the impact aren’t matching.

In these places, it might be that the balance of effort and timing is off.

In these places, adding more effort won’t help. No matter how much you want it to.

But easing up will.

Easing up will let you lift your gaze. Gain perspective. Focus.

Easing up will save energy to be used elsewhere. More impactfully.

Easing up will give that place time to absorb the energy you’ve already put there.

Easing up, you’ll get there at the same time, and with less stress and frustration.

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