Every dollar is a vote - Kathy Varol

Every dollar is a vote

Every dollar is a vote
Last week Loop, the reusable packaging service by TerraCycle, officially launched in 25 supermarkets around Portland, Oregon where I live. I actually had the opportunity to speak with Loop founder Tom Szaky in a recent Purpose and Profit episode, where he described the process:
“In the end your experience as a consumer is you to go to one of these stores, you’ll see a Loop sections, maybe you’ll buy your Gerber baby food and Clorox wipes in reusable packaging. The only new concept is you pay a deposit on the package, and then you can drop that off at any participating location like a Burger King. Then we take it, get you your deposits back, take the packaging, sort it, clean it, and then provide it back to the brands who refill it.”
It’s so exciting to see a new sustainability-driven business come to life, especially one that was born from the purposeful collaboration across many stakeholders. Loop worked with retailers such as Kroger and Walgreens to develop their in-store concepts, and brands as varied as Seventh Generation and Clorox to develop their packaging concepts.
Now it’s up to consumers like us to vote with our dollars by choosing more sustainable products when the choice is made available to us.
Every dollar you spend is a vote.
Let’s be intentional, and vote for making the world a little better.
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