Throwing stones is easy. Building bridges is hard. - Kathy Varol

Throwing stones is easy. Building bridges is hard.

building up

It’s easy to throw stones.

It’s hard to build a bridge out of stones that brings us all to a better place.

Put your energy toward creating the change you want to see, instead of using your energy to discredit the change others are trying to make.

It’s so much easier to knock down than build up. But building up is where the magic happens.

It takes courage and creativity to try to fix a complex systemic problem. It takes trying, failing, and humbly trying again. The world needs all of us to use our voices, heart, and energy to create positive change.

So applaud the people trying.

Their energy shining a light on an issue doesn’t take away anything from your energy, nor does it say other issues are not valid too.

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