What I learned from nearly dying - Kathy Varol

What I learned from nearly dying


An interesting thing happens when you almost die.

I should know.

Every year I honor November 6th. The day I survived a fatal bus accident in the Reef mountains of Morocco. The day I lost a dear friend.

If you’re near me on this particular day, you will feel my energy shift. It’s palpable. But the truth is, this experience has marked every day of my life for the last 16 years. It’s always with me. It sits next to me, a constant companion.

When confronted with the fragility of your own mortality, a switch flips. In the blink of an eye everything looks different.

A near miss with death brings the gift of perspective. Suddenly, every side of the bed is the lucky side to wake up on. You realize that your entire human experience is based on your own perceptions.

Let me say that again.

Your perceptions are responsible for your experience of the world.

No one else is responsible. You are not a victim. Yes, bad things will happen, but you choose how you will react to—and how you will internalize—every event in your life.

This understanding changes everything.

You realize life isn’t happening to you, life is happening for you.

You realize you are the only one capable of putting a ceiling on your happiness.

This gift of perspective provides the distance needed to identify what’s really important to you, what feeds your energy, as well as the beliefs you’ve internalized that are limiting your potential (and your happiness).

Don’t worry, you don’t need to orchestrate a near death experience to gain perspective.

Self inquiry has the power to unlock perspective and carve a path that will lead to a treasure trove of insights. When you learn to listen to your inner wisdom and align to your truth, a path will unfold and doors will open that you never considered dreaming for.

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