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Who I work with and who I don’t work with


As a consultant, I get to choose who I work with, and who I don’t.

Just like any partnership, there are elements that make a partnership set up for success. This is who I choose to work with:

Perfectly hungry for change.
I work with businesses that are ready to create waves. Companies ready to embed a meaningful purpose into the heart of their business that will connect to the hearts of their consumer and inspire their employees to innovate the future.

The hero, on the hero’s journey.
Your business has the courage to do things differently, to pave a new path, and take a public stand for what’s important to you. Courage is a magnet. When you boldly show what you value and commit resources to make an impact, consumers will take notice.

The dreamer. Ready to leave a mark.
You want to leave a legacy. You want to leave the world a better place because your company existed and because you had the audacity to reach for more. It’s not just about business, it’s about doing something meaningful.

The crazy one. The rule breaker. The changemaker.
Your business is ready to disrupt how things are done. You’re not interested in blindly copying what the competition is doing. You know you can never be a leader by following. You are ready to create a better way of doing things, one that’s infused with meaning and impact.


And other elements that make a partnership a deal-breaker. This is who I choose not to work with:

The Industry Leader. Content With the Status Quo.
You read that right. I want clients who are hungry and ready to disrupt the tired playbook. Success breeds complacency. When that tired playbook fails, and your business inevitably loses the #1 spot…call me. We’ll do the interesting work of building meaning into your brand and sparking fire in the hearts of your consumers (and employees).

Window Washers.
I’m not talking about the amazingly fearless humans that dangle outside skyscrapers. I’m talking about companies that want the credit of being a force for good without doing the work. If you’re looking for a smoke and mirrors impact strategy, please move along…

Sasquatch. Fixing your carbon footprint.
Are you searching for technical supply chain consulting? That’s not my expertise. There are other amazingly smart humans that can help with that.


Let’s work together.

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