Using play to reduce anxiety - Kathy Varol

Using play to reduce anxiety

LEGO MRI scanner

The LEGO Foundation is donating 600 miniature LEGO MRI Scanner kits to hospitals worldwide. These kits use play to help children cope with the intimidating process of having an MRI scan.

There are two things I love about this example of a business making the world a little bit better.

First, LEGO is an expert at childhood play. The company aims to leverage the transformational power of learning through play to inspire and develop children. With this MRI scanner, LEGO is creatively using its core competency to help medical staff prepare children for treatment, reduce anxiety for the kids, and make the MRI experience more playful and less scary.

Second, this kit started in 2015 as a passion project for LEGO employee Erik Ullerlund Staehr and Odense University Hospital. It’s a great example of the impact engaged employees can have when they’re empowered to innovate.

Since the first prototype was made, the radiology department team at Odense University Hospital has used the LEGO MRI Scanners as part of their playful learning approach to help over 200 children annually. Since 2015, close to 100 hospitals across the world have already benefited from the use of the LEGO MRI Scanner.

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