Small Acts Change The World - Kathy Varol

Small Acts Change The World

butterfly garden

There is magic in creating a self-sustaining system for community development.

The starting point can be so small.

Just as a redwood tree starts from a tiny seed.

Or in this case, crowdsourcing the funding to repair the Mariposario Montezuma Gardens butterfly garden in Costa Rica. A butterfly garden that—once operational—will use their proceeds to invest in organizations within its small community.

Let’s take a moment to recognize the beautiful symmetry here.

Not just that the support of this small business will cause a ripple effect to a small tourist community that’s been significantly impacted by the loss of tourism from COVID.

But the fact that it’s a BUTTERFLY GARDEN that will be the impetus of change. The giver of new economic life.

After all, butterflies are a transformative symbol of change. 🦋

If you have the ability, I ask you to invest in this Costa Rican community’s metamorphosis, through the support of a crowdfunded butterfly garden.

Small changes added together are what ultimately create a tidal wave.

And these butterfly wings are ready to spark a tsunami of kindness.

Find out more, and contribute here.

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