Life is calling...are you ready? - Kathy Varol

Life is calling…are you ready?


Have you ever stopped and realized that you’re always on mute at work?

It’s a familiar state for many. You don’t want to draw attention so you mute your personality. You don’t want to make waves so you mute your opinions. You don’t want to get too involved in office drama so you check out. That’s not you at work, that’s just someone who looks like you showing up to perform rote tasks just to get through the day.

If you aren’t truly alive at work, how can you expect to live an alive life?

Consider the repercussions of spending your days suppressing your true self in the workplace. This self-censorship can (and will) bleed into every other aspect of your existence. Your hobbies, relationships, even your downtime can become colorless. This isn’t mere speculation; it’s a reality that many face without even realizing it.

Or perhaps you swing to the other extreme. You might find yourself overcompensating for the monotony of your work life by becoming someone you’re not—the life of every party, the daredevil on every adventure. But this, too, is a facade. A desperate effort to inject color into the gray.

Chances are, neither extreme is you.

The essence of who you are should not be left at the door of your workplace. Stowed away until you clock out. It’s time to redefine our relationship with work. It’s not just a place to earn a living but a space to live our lives vibrantly, to grow, and to contribute to something larger than ourselves. This requires a seismic shift in how we view our professional roles and how companies structure them.

Leaders and organizations must champion this shift. They hold the keys to a culture where employees are encouraged to bring their full, authentic selves to their roles. A culture that doesn’t just allow for personal expression but celebrates it. It’s about valuing employee well-being and personal growth as much as productivity and profits. After all, an engaged and thriving employee is a productive and innovative one.

It’s up to us, too.

We need to actively seek out or create roles that resonate with our passions. Roles that allow us to feel alive, to look forward to Mondays as much as Fridays. It’s about aligning our work with our inner spark.

Sometimes, that might mean tough conversations with our bosses. Other times, it could mean stepping into the unknown in search of something more fulfilling. It can be daunting. But what’s even more frightening is the prospect of looking back on our lives with the realization that we never really lived them.

Every job has its moments of tedium. That’s normal.

But a constant state of disengagement is not.

Finding meaning in what we do can turn even the ordinary into something magical. It’s about seeing our work as more than tasks and deadlines—it’s about the impact we make, the growth we experience, and the joy we find in everyday achievements.

An ‘alive’ life doesn’t distinguish between work-self and home-self. It’s a unified and authentic whole. It’s a life lived with heart and soul, in every moment, every task, every interaction.

So, let’s reflect: Is your work giving you life, or is it sapping it away?

This question holds the key to so much of our happiness. Let’s not sleepwalk through half of our waking hours. Let’s make our work a reflection of our vibrant selves. Because when we bring our entire being to our jobs, we don’t just perform better—we live better.

And in the end, isn’t that the point of it all?

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