Business Case for being Purpose Led - Kathy Varol

Business Case for being Purpose Led


In an era where every market feels like a battlefield, standing out is more of a puzzle than ever. The old marketing playbook? It’s gathering dust. Let’s unpack this with a touch of business school charm—Economics, Finance, and Marketing. I promise to keep it light and insightful.

Imagine the market as a bustling medieval marketplace.

In Economics, we see stalls (companies) vying for the attention of passersby (consumers). Peddlers call out their wares and prices, plying anyone who stops to browse with promises of unrivaled craftsmanship and superior provenance. As more merchants set up shop the clamor grows, and the price of goods begins to tumble—a classic supply and demand dance. Enter Amazon, a behemoth that stretches the marketplace to the ends of the earth, flattening prices as if by magic. The result? A frantic dash to offer consumers the lowest price. Only stalls operating on the leanest margins survive.

But let’s not get lost in the gloom.

Shifting to Finance, we remember that stalls thrive on profit, the golden difference between cost and revenue. Cutting costs to offer competitive prices is a common strategy, but it’s not the only one. After all, a race to the bottom on price alone would leave the marketplace barren of quality and innovation.

As we stroll through this metaphorical marketplace, we arrive at the vibrant tent of Marketing. Here, the 5 P’s of differentiation await: Product, Promotion, Place, Process, and yes, Price. But it’s not just about being the cheapest; it’s about weaving a story that resonates with consumers. A product that promises quality, a promotion that sparks joy, a place that’s either a stone’s throw away or exquisitely exclusive, and a process that feels like a warm embrace of customer service.

Yet, we are not living in medieval times anymore. The marketplace has changed. The cacophony of traditional advertising no longer draws the crowds it once did. Consumers, equipped with ad blockers and a disdain for anything that smells of insincerity, are tuning out. A sobering reality hits—the majority now view marketing with skepticism, if not outright annoyance.

Here’s where the plot twists.

In this crowded, skeptical marketplace, how does one stand out? Not by shouting louder, but by being authentically remarkable. Purpose is the new cornerstone of desire. Brands that tell a story, that align with their customers’ values and aspirations, create not just customers, but communities.

They offer not just products, but a vision of a better world.

They don’t just sell, but inspire.

They invite consumers to be part of something greater, to join a movement. This isn’t about more ads; it’s about creating a purpose that is so compelling that it turns customers—and employees—into advocates. It’s about building relationships that move beyond transactions to shared dreams and values.

The future belongs to those who dare to be different. Those who dare to be purposeful.

It’s not just about competing in the marketplace; it’s about changing the market itself. And in this journey, being remarkable isn’t just an option; it’s the only way forward.

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