When is enough, enough? - Kathy Varol

When is enough, enough?


When is enough, enough?

When does the US stop crossing its fingers while saying “it will be different going forward?”

❌ Hope isn’t a strategy
❌ Hope isn’t a plan
❌ Hope isn’t going to stop more innocent people from being gunned down

Arming teachers, and putting more guns on the street, is not a solution.

Just like adding more nuclear weapons to the world isn’t a viable plan for human safety. More harm-inducing tools is never a successful long-term strategy to reduce harm.

No access to guns means no gun violence. The equation is simple.

But for some reason, this equation is hard for our country to understand.

The US doesn’t even need to figure a new policy out from scratch. Other countries have successfully restricted gun access. And guess what, they don’t have the mass shootings that the US does.

It’s a disgrace that we haven’t implemented policies that protect human lives, and in many cases, the lives of the most vulnerable among us.

It’s time to take a look in the mirror.

Ask yourself, whose rights are protected and whose rights are hurt by easy access to guns. Make a list of who wins—and who loses.

This might make you uncomfortable. It’s time to get uncomfortable and sit with the consequences of our actions and inactions, instead of passing the blame onto someone else.

Ready for change? Here are some actions you can take:

Sign this petition asking for change: Federal Adoption of Gun Law Reform, Copying Australia’s Successful 1996 Reforms.

Find out more about Australia’s 1996 reforms and the impact they’ve had here.

✅ Stop supporting retailers that sell guns.

Not sure if they do? Next time you’re in a store, ask. If they sell guns, tell them you will no longer shop there until they stop. Better yet, go store to store with your PTA, religious group, book club, work team, or any other group you’re part of.

✅ If you are a retailer, stop dealing in guns.

You don’t have to wait for government restrictions to change your policy.

Will this decision hurt your bottom line? Probably.
Will this decision upset some customers? Yes.
Will this decision gain you some new loyal customers? Yes.
Will this decision save lives? Yes.
Will this decision save your conscience? Yes.


Here are some eye-opening charts from the BBCs article America’s Gun Culture in Seven Charts.

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