The Problem With "Crushing it" - Kathy Varol

The Problem With “Crushing it”

Everything has a cost.
Every action has a reaction.
Burning the candle from both ends as you put your head to the grindstone and slog through business school.
Working all hours on the law case that you think will take you to the next step. Make your career.
But there’s always another case. In the rat race, there is always another accomplishment. Another trophy to strive for.
When you get that next one, you tell yourself, then you’ll rest.
To attain the unsustainable force, to crush the uncrushable, has a cost.
Nothing is worth caging your spirit to push through to the next trophy.
You are not at your best when your spirit is caged. Though your ego will tell you otherwise.
Your ego will try to trick you, saying this next trophy will finally fill that “not enough” hole inside.
The glow of the trophy lasts mere moments. But the dimming of the soul lasts a lifetime.
You are too important to be tossed aside as collateral damage.
Do not sacrifice yourself on any altar.
Nothing is worth letting it crush you.
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