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Businesses Supporting Refugees


As war continues to rage across Ukraine, the United States government has pledged to take in 100,000 refugees fleeing violence. This on top of the 75,000 Afghans who have already sought refuge in America. Each and every one of them needs a home. They need new clothes. They need access to services and education. They need jobs.

And business is stepping up to help.

In partnership with Welcome.US, the national nonprofit coordinating refugee relief efforts across sectors, 35 CEOs have created the Welcome.US CEO Council. Their mission is to leverage the resources and know-how of the private sector to provide support during the initial resettlement process. Tent Partnership for Refugees (which launched UNSTUCK) is the nonprofit partner connecting newly arrived refugees with employment, training and mentorship opportunities.

Welcome.US has already been hosting job listings. If your company is looking to hire refugees, you can post opportunities here.

The CEO Council is also looking for businesses to join their other efforts to accelerate and scale private sector assistance to meet the needs of almost 200,000 people fleeing war and persecution. You can learn more about the Council here.

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