Kevin Tayebaly on creating ChangeNOW, the world’s largest impact conference - Kathy Varol
Kevin Tayebaly
May 12, 2021   |   Episode #: 003

Kevin Tayebaly on creating ChangeNOW, the world’s largest impact conference

Show Notes:

Kevin Tayebaly is the co-founder and Chief Development Officer of ChangeNOW, the largest impact conference in the world. To tackle global issues, we need global solutions.Since 2017 ChangeNOW, has strengthened the ecosystem of private and public stakeholders and inspired people by spotlighting concrete and innovative solutions to the biggest challenges facing our world.

This year’s free, all-online summit will feature 1000 solutions and 500 speakers from 120 countries.

Click here to register for this year’s online ChangeNOW summit (May 27th, 28th, 29th, 2021).

In this episode Kevin and I discuss:

  1. Why restlessness is a gift
  2. How to unlock meaning and engagement in the workplace
  3. A psychological trick to tap into innovation
  4. The secret to accelerating both change and impact

Takeaways from this episode:

  1. You don’t have to have to choose between purpose-driven work and a paycheck. It’s possible to have both.
  2. When you can change the narrative to be about what is possible, and the upside of it, what we can create, that sparks problem-solving. It sparks innovation. It sparks passion to actually march forward in a direction of positive change.
  3. Making a profit is not enough anymore. As a company, you need to have a mission. If you don’t have a mission, you’re not going to be able to sustain your company in the long run.


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