Yancey Strickler on creating a more generous world - Kathy Varol
Yancey Strickler
April 14, 2021   |   Episode #: 001

Yancey Strickler on creating a more generous world

Show Notes:

For today’s episode of the Purpose and Profit Podcast, I’m so happy to be joined by a very special guest, Yancey Strickler. He’s an author, entrepreneur, speaker and thought leader. He’s also the co-founder and former CEO of Kickstarter and the creator of a framework, Bentoism, which he shares in his book: This Could Be Our Future: A Manifesto for a More Generous World.

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In this episode Yancey and I discuss:

  • The key perspective that will enable you to create a workplace culture without fostering organizational anxiety.
  • The most dependable way to maintain core values throughout leadership and employee turnover within a company.
  • The surprising reason why changes needed for decarbonization will happen.
  • The message to our generation from a moderate time traveler set back from 2050.
  • What today’s business leaders can learn from JFK.
  • The secret to moving beyond the randomness of life, and tapping into fully intentional decision making.

Takeaways from this episode:

  1. Take time to question the way things are done, and be intentional about how you’re operating your company. Question the status quo to determine if it’s the right way forward, or if there is a better way.
  2. Employees and consumers are in a position to create the most pressure for change. Use the power you have. As a consumer, and employee, use your dollars and voice to support the change you want to see.
  3. The marketplace for all categories continues to be more crowded. To be successful, you’ll need to define who you are and who you aren’t. In each category, there is a low price leader, and there is a most loved leader. Becoming the most loved has to do with values and unselfish thinking on behalf of the company.


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