Nurture Purpose, People, And Culture - Kathy Varol

Nurture Purpose, People, And Culture

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Data clearly shows that businesses that nurture their purpose, people, and culture unlock exponential results: engaged employees, loyal consumers, increased innovation, and accelerated growth.

Unlock Exponential Results By Nurturing Purpose, People, And Culture

In this keynote, through captivating business stories, Kathy will share why shifting the focus from your revenue—or your business output—to your inputs will drive better results.

Kathy will also share concrete strategies you can take away immediately to nurture each of the business inputs that matter most: purpose, people, and culture.

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In the keynote you will learn:

  • The toxic beliefs that have infected workplace cultures (and how to shift them)
  • How the world’s most loved companies use purpose to cultivate enviable consumer loyalty (and how you can too)
  • The secret sauce to creating a world-class culture
  • How to enable your employees to truly shine (and innovate!)
  • The one force more powerful to your profitability than any business model

This Keynote Is Perfect For Leaders And Companies:

  • That have been focused on the outputs—hitting those quarterly numbers—but are struggling to get there consistently
  • That keep doing the same thing, but the playbook is no longer working
  • Competing in an increasingly crowded market and struggling to stand out
  • Experiencing high turnover, and/or high employee disengagement
  • Struggling to foster collaboration across company silos and departments
  • Running into groupthink and “yes men” cultural conformity
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