Drive Profit With Purpose - Kathy Varol

Drive Profit With Purpose

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In the modern world, companies without a purpose beyond profit will be left behind. You can either be a pioneering force for good in your industry, or be disrupted

Become Remarkable. Accelerate Growth.

How do you stand out in an increasingly competitive marketplace? How do you attract top talent? How do you increase profitability?

You do something remarkable. Purpose makes brands remarkable.

​As consumers, we’re putting our dollars toward companies with aligned values. 85% of millennials in the United States would switch brands for a good cause, and 50% of growth in consumer goods went to sustainability marketed products between 2013 and 2018.

While consumers still care about the traditional four P’s of product, price, promotion, and placement, in a world overrun with consumer choices, purpose can gain consumers’ increasingly fragmented attention, act as a tie-breaker between competing products, and generate buzz.

As employees we’re looking for meaning in our careers, and the best talent is choosing to work for organizations that feed their heart as well as their bank account. 92% of millennials believe that working for an environmentally and socially responsible company is important.

In the Drive Profit with Purpose keynote, Kathy will reveal her 4-step Brand Purpose Model to engage your organization, inspire innovation, and win the hearts of your consumers.

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In the Keynote You Will Learn:

  • 7 common mistakes in creating a purpose-led organization
  • Why a corporate social responsibility department won’t get you the impact—or the credit—you want
  • How to get the best talent knocking on your door and have the most engaged employees
  • Why doing good is the magic bullet to get the most powerful form of advertising (for free!)

This Keynote Is Perfect For Leaders And Companies:

  • Competing in a crowded market
  • Creating differentiation through marketing, ingredients, and/or process
  • Struggling with a talent shortage, high turnover, and/or high employee disengagement
  • Looking to accelerate growth and increase ROI (in a sustainable way)
  • Ready to unlock the innovative brain power of their employees
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