Create An Effective ESG Strategy - Kathy Varol

Creating An Effective ESG Strategy

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A thoughtful ESG strategy can attract top talent, boost business performance, ensure regulatory compliance, and future-proof your company.

Creating An Effective ESG Strategy:
From Zero To Execution

Environmental, Social, and Governance (ESG) continues to grow in importance every year.

As ESG becomes an expected way of operating—from customers, employees, financial institutions, and regulatory bodies— business leaders don’t want to get left behind.

But most business leaders also don’t know where to start or lack a clear approach to help guide them.

Kathy helps businesses create an effective ESG strategy that moves beyond a feel-good exercise and drives real change across the metrics that matter to their business. In this keynote, through captivating stories and real-world business examples, Kathy will reveal a step-by-step process that will help your company set the ESG gold standard for your industry.

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In the Keynote You Will Learn:

  • Kathy’s 4-step process that will take your company from zero to ESG strategy, process, and reporting
  • Why an effective ESG strategy can help your company become a trusted leader in your industry
  • How to determine which ESG topics (and metrics) are the right ones for your business 
  • How to establish a symbiotic relationship between your ESG strategy and a business-integrated purpose
  • The secret to achieving seemingly impossible ESG moonshots

This Keynote Is Perfect For Leaders And Companies:

  • Just starting their ESG journey
  • Who feel overwhelmed by the vast catch-all ESG can stand for
  • Need help identifying and focusing on the ESG topics that matter to their company
  • Who want to be a leader and set the gold-standard in their industry
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