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Improving Healthcare Systems

Arogya Parivar (“Healthy Family” in Hindi) is a program first launched in India by the Swiss pharmaceutical company Novartis, aimed at improving the healthcare system.   The problem: Rural communities lacked access to medical infrastructure: doctors, medication and health education.   The solution: Novartis partnered with local health care entities, …

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Is shared value the best business secret?

“Corporate Social Responsibility is really about reducing the harm that a company causes through its operations or its product. So, being sure there isn’t child labor. Being sure the product isn’t bad for you. Being sure you have fair wages, so on, as well as reducing your environmental footprint. But …

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Supporting Mental health for Youth

So much of my conversation with Amy Looper in today’s podcast circulates around mental health. For schools, the statistics are beyond shocking and the consequences of our collective inability to address the needs of children as they navigate their emotions demand greater attention. The American School Counselors Association recommends a …

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