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Hitting pause on lobster

Lobster was not always a delicacy. There are American myths about dockhands striking over meals of lobster. Of prisoners declaring that being served lobster more than twice a week was cruel and unusual punishment. Today lobster is more a luxury for special occasions or fancy restaurants. But a luxury you …

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Purpose beyond profit is good business

In 2005 Kraft closed its yogurt factory in Upstate New York. The result was devastating for the local community. This factory was one of many that had been closed in the region. The community felt that after giving their blood, sweat and tears, large companies abandoned them. The son of …

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A Food Revolution

In 1919, Isaac Carasso began making yogurt to help children with intestinal infections. He sold his first yogurts in pharmacies before expanding into grocery stores throughout Barcelona. From its beginning, the company’s purpose was: to bring health through food to as many people as possible. This purpose still holds today. …

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Upcycled energy

As Erin tells us in this week’s podcast, one big stumbling block on the road to becoming the leader in carbon-neutral flooring was the raw materials used in their products. Here in Oregon, cold-brew coffee brand Riff looked at their own supply chain and saw potential in cascara, the flesh …

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Steps toward Carbon Neutrality

As troubling as our trajectory is, there are more and more opportunities to combat climate change. MUD\WTR for example, collaborates with Pachama to offset their carbon footprint. Pachama evaluates forest preservation and restoration projects and supports those with proven value by acting as an offsets marketplace for companies looking to …

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Trash to treasure

Last week Imperfect Foods announced that they had become a certified B Corp, adding to a growing list of over 4,000 other certified purpose-driven companies around the world. If you’ve never heard of them, Imperfect Foods began as an online grocer that rerouted produce that was deemed “too imperfect-looking” for …

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